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Pastor Gary & Lady Elaine Saunders - Bishop S.E. & Lady Connie Saunders

Pastor Gary & Lady Elaine Saunders – Bishop S.E. & Lady Connie Saunders

Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Center was founded by Senior Pastor & Visionary, Bishop S.E. Saunders, PhD, is under the Pastoral Leadership of Elder Gary E. Saunders. Together, this dynamic father and son duo have taken our ministry to a greater dimension!

Lighthouse is comprised of people from all ages, races and from all walks of life. We are a faith based community leading people to a relationship with Jesus Christ and teaching them to worship Him. 

Our mission is to minister to the whole man – Spirit, Soul & Body.

Located in the heart of Flowers Plantation (Red Hill Community) in Clayton, NC, Lighthouse continues to impact the lives of those in the surrounding area.  We are excited about the many things God is doing in our ministry and we invite each of you to become a part of the move of God that is taking place! 

You’ll be glad you did!

Click the below link to view our ministry’s mission statement:

LCFC – Purpose, Mission, What We Teach and Believe

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