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 Here are some testimonies from our faithful Power in Prayer callers:


Delvina Nicholson

Delvina Nicholson

The Monday Morning Prayer call is awesome! It is a great way to connect with others and bombard heaven.  The power of God is definitely present on these calls. I thank God for Pastor Gary Saunders who leads this prayer call. Even one call can have a powerful impact on a person’s life!

- Delvina Nicholson, Knightdale, NC


 Denetra Taylor  Since our Monday morning prayer line has started my life has changed tremendously, I have seen God manifest some wonderful blessings in my life including a new job.  I look forward to Mondays now and corporate prayer has shown me what true fellowship is.  I want to say thank you to Pastor Gary Saunders for being faithful and obedient to what God has called him to do.

- Denetra Taylor, Wendell, NC



Phanta Kirby

I truly thank God for the unity and power of the weekly early morning prayer call.  It’s a blessing to rise early with the prayer warriors and seek God’s face.  My faith and expectancy continually increases.  The prayer call is an awesome jump start to my week!

- Phanta Kirby, Raleigh, NC


Elder Hezekiah Yon






It is a given that, in these days and times, we need prayer more than ever before! As we see the day approaching, not only should we be motivated to congregate the more, for there is strength in numbers, but we should also be more prone to pray more. Truly we ought always to pray and not faint. When you know someone else is praying with you, and you are not alone, you feel “empowered” to run through a troop and leap over a wall! Being on the Prayer Line, with the Prayer Warriors, every Monday morning has endowed me with that power!

The Prayer Line has provided me with a “support system” that is fantastic, to say the least! Just knowing I have a whole “army” of warriors on my side………, if one can put a thousand to flight……….!!! My God, what victories we can achieve!!! Needless to say, being a part of the Monday morning Prayer Line, has enriched my life in that it has given me to know that whatever comes, “No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue that shall rise up against me in judgement, thou shalt condemn.” …..and It Is So!!!!

I know that my whole week is going to be blessed because my “brothers and sisters”, AND my Pastor, all are praying “with” and “for” me. Being numbered with the Prayer Warriors has given me encouragement in facing my “light afflictions”, for I do know that they are but for a season and they are working for me a far more eternal weight in glory!

The Prayer Line has literally changed my life. When you know you’re not alone, you’re not afraid to go forth and “conquer” battle. The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but they are mighty in power, to the casting down of strongholds!!! Thank God for Pastor Gary E. Saunders, my Pastor, and the mighty Prayer Warriors!!!!

- Elder Hezekiah Yon, Raleigh, NC


 Eric Haynes








Monday morning prayer call has impacted my life in more ways than one. I have seen results on my job, within my family and my personal life. It’s truly a blessing to connect and intercede for others through corporate prayer. I thank God for giving Pastor Gary Saunders the vision for Monday morning prayer.

- Eric Haynes, Jacksonville, FL


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  1. Hezekiah Yon says:

    Thank God for truly talented People Of God! To say that this site is tastefully informative, would be a true statement, but it would also an understatement. It is also very inspiring, and I thought the Transformation Class section was absolutely “empowering” and enlightening!

    I have truly enjoyed my visit on the L.C.F.C. website. (hats off to the designer)

  2. Thanks and my hat is off to all that causes LIGHTHOUSE CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP CENTER to be what it is today, Sister Jacqueline O Haynes The Editor in chief of this Web-Site, Pastor G E Saunders Head of the worldwide prayer Team that’s come together each Monday Morning. Sister Denetra Taylor our Pictures and Layouts Person, Sister Bianca Best Smith News Reporter, Ours Deacon’s Harold Yon , Marcus L Harris, Our Ministers Betty D Williams, Hezekiah Yon, Dr Patricia Williams. Greeters: Sister Dorothinia Taylor, Sister Juanita Smith, And sister Phyllis WEBB, Musician: D Daniel, J O Haynes, J Rosco, J R Williams, S E Saunders 111 and Sammie E Saunders iv. Church Clerks: Sister L .M McPherson, Praise Team : J O Haynes, D. Taylor, M O Jones , Donna Rosco, C.J. Saunders. Media Dept: Jamie Williams, Dominique Harris, Areion Smith, Makaela Taylor. Lighthouse Ladies: Connie J Saunders, Cassandra E Saunders. Mothers : Mattie Long, Betty D Wms, June Yon, Molly A Jones, D. T.Taylor. Youth Directors: Valerie Harris, Dominque Harris, And Juanita Smith. Kitchen Committee: D Taylor, P. Webb, Ivy Nance, Valerie Harris, Bianca Smith, Lannie Smith, Juanita Smith, IF any Lighthouse Servants Names were Missed .Please Know that you are Loved and appreciation Goes out to you. Kermit Wms, Al Webb, Carolyn , Lou Gonzales, Rita E Hogue, Alina Mahamed , Arthur Moore. Von Moore, Brenda Johnson, Ervin Mcpherson, Jacqueline Smith, Tasnisha Haynes, Linda Haynes, Jessica Haynes. THIS IS A GOOD PLACE TO GROW ! Can we Add Your Name to The Family ?

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