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The Vision

 New Building - The Vision

On Sunday, December 17, 2012, after our morning worship service, Bishop Saunders, Pastor Gary and the Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Center family drove to the site of our future location – currently located on Hwy 70 in Clayton.  And, with great faith, we exited our vehicles, walked the perimeter of this building and claimed it as ours in Jesus’ name! 

After walking the premises, we joined our Visionary and our Pastor and prayed the prayer of faith.

This building continues to remain vacant and we believe God for the finances to purchase this building debt free!  Our vision has expanded greatly since 1998 and we know that in order to fulfill the vision, we must to relocate to a facility that will be able to accommodate what is to come.  Each Sunday morning Lighthouse professes that we are 1,000 strong and with great expectancy, we await the manifestation of our profession!

Click the below link to view our ministry’s mission statement:

LCFC – Purpose, Mission, What We Teach and Believe

If you would like to donate towards the vision and expansion of Lighthouse Christian Fellowship Center, you may make a secure donation via our website!  Please visit the Online Giving page to do so!

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